Back to Basics: Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

It’s important to understand the three stages of hair growth in order to accurately identify the potential issues that can occur within the hair at different stages:



1. Anagen 

The growing period of the hair – the cells within the root are active and new hair is formed. As long as the papilla remains in good condition this process will remain active for 1-7 years, with an average growth rate of 1cm per month.



2. Catagen

A period of transition that takes place over the course of 2-3 weeks – growth stops and the hair root becomes detached from the papilla.



3. Telogen

The resting phase that continues for a period of 3-4 months – during this period the papilla rests and without a supply of nutrients, the existing hair root shrinks, leaving space for new hair growth within the follicle.



4. Re-growth

The papilla reactivates and a new hair starts to grow, pushing the old hair out of the follicle – the process of shedding hair is inevitably sped up by day-to-day washing, brushing and drying.