Trend Alert: Creating Tomorrow’s Color Today Collection

This season it's all about color! Color opens a world of beautiful inspiration – the chance to imagine, contrast, create and transform. Schwarzkopf Professional has partnered with some of the world’s most visionary hair artists to bring YOU eight brand new looks and the techniques to recreate them!




“It’s a super diverse new world order of self-expression, where everybody has the freedom to be whoever they want to be and exercise their individual right to creative expressionism, all the way. While change is in the air, we are also seeing a need for authenticity in everything… So, what is our take on tomorrow’s color? It’s all about contradictions.”


– Simon Ellis | International Creative Director

Trend 1 – Color Clash

Grown-up confidence and glamorous spirit, Color Clash packs a full-body colour punch in a fable of modern sophistication!


Trend 1 – Color Clash
  • The catwalk look has been cut and styled by Styling Ambassador Joana
    Neves (@joananeves), whilst Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison) takes the #pinkhairdontcare color trend to new levels!
  • The first Colour Clash salon look has been cut by Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston (@tylerjohnstonhair); Colour Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo (@edoardopaludo) weaves slices of IGORA VIBRANCE purple through natural dark curls
  • The second salon look was styled by Joana to create an undone finish with secret shape and volume; Lesley brings cascading waves of warm chocolate brown life with expressive lights and hidden depths using IGORA VIBRANCE shades

Trend 2 – Urbaganza

The new authentic captures the cool urban mood. Urbaganza reinvents the classics with a slick, high-shine edge…


Trend 2 – Urbaganza
  • For the catwalk look, Tyler Johnston takes the cut short with a choppy texture finish, beautifully complimenting the deep IGORA VIBRANCE silvery tones applied by Edoardo Paludo
  • The first Urbaganza salon look sees Tyler Johnston cut the hair off the shoulder with a 'rough-dried' finish and a full, choppy fringe. Lesley Jennison uses raw, deep shades of IGORA ROYAL Earthy Clay, blended with IGORA ROYAL Golds, to create a sophisticated brunette color finish
  • The second salon look is again cut by Tyler, this time he leaves the hair long and sleek with a blunt finish – this heightens the luminosity effect of color as Lesley takes a walk on the metallic side with a mix of cool IGORA ROYAL Ashy Cedar shades and IGORA ROYAL Naturals

Trend 3 – Texture Tension

This trend introduces #raincolor, Schwarzkopf Professional’s exciting new color technique developed to deliver a shimmering illusion of volume or texture within the hair. Texture Tension is all about transparency, simplicity, power in purity, nuanced naturals, pastels and crisp whites…


Trend 3 – Texture Tension
  • For this trend Schwarzkopf Professional has partnered with Creative Experimentalists, X-presion (@xpresioncreativos)! In developing a brand-new visual illusion technique – #raincolor – the artistic team are able to take the purest IGORA ROYAL colour to create shimmering contrasts of rich golds and browns that catch the light; creating movement that feels like rain
  • Hair is kept long with a full fringe. IGORA ROYAL color is layered using a variation of the technique; #raincolortexture
  • The salon variation is cut short into a fringed bob where the technique is tweaked to create #raincolorvolume

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